How to deposit iHODL

In this article, we will explain step by step how you can send your iHODL’s to the Invest & Hodl site for Staking.

Step 1: Login to your wallet.

Choose iHODL on your wallet then click to the Send button.

iHODL Send

Step 2: Enter the iHODL’s BEP-20 wallet address.

iHODL MetaMask

Make sure you have entered your wallet address correctly on the screen that opens.


Step 3: Choose how much iHODL you want to send.


Then continue by clicking the next button.

Step 4: Determine the gas fee rate on the screen that opens. Last time check your wallet address and sending amount.


Step 5: You can track the process while sending.

iHODL Send

Step 6: The transaction will appear in your Invest & Hodl account after network confirmation.

Invest&Hodl iHODL

Congratulations! You have successfully deposited your iHODL’s in Invest & Hodl.

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