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Feb 5, 2021

2 min read

Why You Should Buy iHODL Token? There’s a Surprise for you!

In this content, we would like to explain that why you should buy iHODL and what is the advantages being early investor of iHODL token.

First of all, iHODL’s current price is 1$ and our investors get monthly 10% interest of their staked balance. If you buy iHODL now, you can stake it instantly and you can track your daily earnings on your dashboard directly!

What is the advantages being early investor of iHODL?

According the you can see that how iHODL token price will be bullish. iHODL price is $1 for Round-1 but when Round-2 became, it’s price will be $1.25 and all iHODLer’s will be rewarded in interest according to their staked iHODL’s.

For example, if an investor buy 10,000 iHODL in Round-1, that’s cost is $10,000 and investor can be rewarded 10% returns for every month. When Round-2 on the board, that investor’s balance will increase about 25%. After that, investor will be rewarded ~1250$ monthly for stake the 10,000 iHODL.

iHODL offers +120% APR in USDT, USDC for iHODLer’s.


if B investor try to buy some iHODL in Round 2, B must be pay $1,25 for each iHODLs. Also B investor get only 8% interest for that invest.

So, it’s really important that invest in iHODL right now. Tomorrow can be too late for big interest’s rate.

You can easily buy iHODL token from your dashboard. We’ve suggest the Coinbase payment module for get iHODL token instantly! If you prefer to buy iHODL via on Manuel Payment, it can be take 2–3 hours for confirmation.
You can buy iHODL with USDC, USDT, ETH, LTC.

You can take a look that How to Buy iHODL Guide from here:

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